Ismaïl Loumrhari

Ismaïl Loumrhari

Over the course of his architectural education, Ismaïl has followed a number of different pedagogical approaches, including joint projects.

He has entered a number of competitions, and done several internships, notably at Christian de Portzamparc.

After graduating in 2018, he worked at Chartier-Dalix for ten months. During that time, he was involved in a number of feasibility studies, and in the development of a 65,000m² tertiary complex in Saint-Ouen.

He also worked on the project to transform the Montparnasse Tower for the New AOM.

Inspired by a desire to learn new ways of doing architecture, he joined Leclercq Associés in 2018. He is involved in Nanterre Coeur de Quartier, a large-scale project with a complex, ambitious schedule including residential units, retail outlets and a cinema.

The project is also a fascinating human experience, involving project owners, architects, development consultants, and private companies all working alongside one another.



Degree from the ENSA Paris Val-de-Seine, 2017 – Working on an HMONP qualification from October 2018 at theENSA Paris Val-de-Seine.


Major projects with the firm:

Nanterre Cœur de Quartier