Sidonie Bouillerot

Architect Urbanist, Project Manager

Sidonie Bouillerot

Architect Urbanist, Project Manager

Her double background in the Social Sciences and Architecture, and her prior experience in public project management naturally led Sidonie Bouillerot to urban projects. She joined the firm in 2012. Her interests focus on urban design and the complexity of its context (spatial, the actors involved, timescales, programmes), and its links to public space. She was finalist in the Europan 13 for her project on the Goussainville site.



Master’s 2 in Geography, 2005 

State Degree in Architecture, 2012


Major projects

Bagneux Mathurins

Clichy les parcours de la Création

Les Jardins de la Défense

Campus Nanterre, Les Papeteries

Champigny Simonettes

Champigny centre-ville

Choisy Seine Rive Gauche

Les rives d’Alfort(ville)


Favourite thing and leisure activity

Her Stan Smith urban hiking boots