Florence David


Florence David


Florence David graduated from the ENSA Versailles in 2001 with a double Master’s with a specialisation in Environmental Design. She worked for a year part-time in a design and technical department specialising in the environment, and later joined Françoise-Hélène Jourda’s to work on passive projects in timber.

Later she worked on facilities projects and office complexes in various firms in France and abroad. She was given the mission as an executive architect working on the renovation of the head offices of the CPAM in Nanterre. Her most recent experience at Reichen et Robert enabled her to acquire BIM skills in complex projects. She joined Leclercq Associés in September 2017. 


Specialisation in Environmental Design, execution of a construction site mission, project management, BIM 



State Degree in Architecture, 2011

Master’s in Environmental Design (part-time, while working), 2010

Major project

Bordeaux Brienne

Leisure activities

Brass bands, theatre, drawing

Favourite things

A slide trombone, a map of Asia and a photo of St Malo