Audrey Denise

Urbanist, Project Manager

Audrey Denise

Urbanist, Project Manager

After graduating with a degree in History and Political Science, Audrey entered the field of regional development. While urbanism was not her primary vocation, she has become truly passionate about the profession. Having joined the firm seven years ago, she now works on large-scale regional projects and on more operational town planning projects. Today, she oversees projects at very different stages of development, including studies for the Saint-Sever neighbourhood in Rouen for the new railway station (set for 2030), and coordinating the Reims Grand Centre project, from the guide plan stage to final execution.


Double degree in History and Political Science, 2007     

Master’s in Urbanism and Regional Development, 2010           

African cities: An introduction to urban planning, 2014   

Major projects

La Défense Seine Arche

Economic territories workshop

Cergy Grand Centre

New Rouen Railway Station neighbourhood           

Reims Grand Centre

Reconversion of the Francazal Toulouse brownfield


Favourite thing and/or leisure activity
“Remonter le temps” (“Going back in time”) on the IGN portal, cycling and horror films.