Coline Felix

Architect Urbanist

Coline Felix

Architect Urbanist

After her PFE (End of Studies Project) on an old Rouen harbour basin, Coline Félix joined the firm’s Urbanism Department in 2015. Her studies at the ENSA Paris Val-de-Seine and the FAU USP (Urbanism and Architecture College, University of São Paulo) in Brazil gave her a background in urbanism and the complexities of regional planning. 


Master’s 1, Architecture-Urbanism FAU USP Sao Paulo, 2014 

State Degree in Architecture, 2015 

HMONP (Authorisation to Exercise as an Architect), 2017

Major projects

New Neighbourhood, Rouen Railway Station

Reims Centre railway station  


Favourite thing or leisure activity

Trombone (Pikolo Brass Band)