Jeanne Audureau


Jeanne Audureau


After graduating from the ENSA Saint-Etienne in 2014, Jeanne embarked on her professional experience with a Lyon-based agency for two years and worked on the coordination of a construction site for a school complex.

In Paris, her experiences within a young agency enabled her to work on various interior renovation projects and customised furniture design. Her most recent experience at the SAA agency allowed her to acquire BIM (Building Information Modelling) skills on complex projects. She is participating in the development of studies for a 23,000-m2 office complex in Saint-Ouen, using BIM collaboration.

She joined the agency in May 2019.



2014: DE Architect – ENSA Saint-Etienne

2015: HMONP Architect – ENSA Grenoble


Major Projects for the Agency:

Lyon Artillerie


Fetish Object and/or Hobby:

A non-digital Fujika camera