Sébastien Mika

Sébastien Mika

Present from September 2016 part-time for two years and returning to the agency in September 2019, Sébastien embarked on a double cursus as an architect and a structural engineer in 2012.

This specialisation aims to better understand the technical aspects (structure, mode of construction, fluids, thermal regulation) so that they serve the architectural project rather than limiting it.

He is also a committed volunteer fireman at the main fire station in Abbeville.


Skills (degree and year):

Architecture degree from the ENSA, Paris la Villette (2019)

Structural engineering degree from the ESTP Cachan (2019)



Major Projects for the Agency:

Housing Clichy Bac Asnières (Competition)

Bordeaux Brienne (Feasability study)

Arcueil Laplace logements, DCE  (company consultation file)

Massy Vilgénis lot B3, APD  (final draft studies)

Nice Arénas, construction site


Favourite Object and/or Hobby: 

His fireman’s helmet / travel / swimming