Marie Taveau

Project Director

Marie Taveau

Project Director

Marie Taveau joined Leclercq & Associés in 2011 after graduating with a Master’s in Urbanism and following a number of professional experiences, notably at the IBA in Hamburg, and at Bruno Fortier, TVK, and JAM. Her CV reveals a desire to construct urban projects as collaborative processes integrated into broader public policy, thereby escaping the purely development-based approaches sometimes characteristic of urbanism. Her ability to articulate strategic urban studies and projects focusing on a single building brings a specific tone to the urban hub and encourages an ongoing link between architecture and town planning.   

As Project Director, she provides an essential link between contractors and the work team. She steers projects in the following fields: urban strategy, urban development, architectural feasibility. She also intervenes at very different stages of development, from the competition phase and the design of projects far upstream to the most operational phases of management and monitoring.     



Urbanist, Sciences Po Urba, 2011

State degree in architecture, ENSA Paris la Villette, 2005

Interior Design, Ecole Boulle/Olivier de Serres, 2002


Major projects with the firm

Extention of La Grande Motte marina

Montpellier Métropole Territoires

Redevelopment of the Francazal wasteland, Cugnaux

Paris Nord Est Elargi

Cœur de Quartier competition, Nanterre


Workshops and/or conferences

June 2016 – Conference on the Guide Plan for an Enlarged Paris North-East as part of a university diploma on Greater Paris (“Grand Paris”) organised by the Paris School of Urbanism and the Institute of Development and Urbanism.

May 2015 – Conference and site visit of the guide plan for Paris Nord Est Elargi (“Enlarged North-East Paris), part of the Science Po Master’s in Urbanism

May 2015- Conference on the Claude Bernard Joint Development Zone as part of the CAUE course 75-92-93-94 on "Residential Architectures”


Favourite thing

Her green King King and her Colette book